Reparando Exhibition License

Reparando Exhibition License

$ 150.00

Reparando is the story of Guatemala and the people who willfully embrace the pain of their past to repair the next generation.

Do you wish to show Reparando as a way of raising funds? Or maybe you wish to have a screening of the film as a way of exposing the needs in Guatemala at the same time showing the hope through the powerful stories in the film. The exhibition license is a perfect solution!

If you are using the film for fundraising, as part of the license, we do ask for 10% of the total funds raised as proceeds to Athentikos. These funds are used to help us keep producing powerful stories such as Reparando.

If you are an educational institution or a non-profit entity and wish to show Reparando on a regular basis without the component of raising funds, check out the Educational License.